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Teamwork is one of the most important skills for an employee in the majority of jobs, and that is why many organizations value this ability positively.

To be effective and pursue the common goals of a company together and in a coordinated manner, individuals must work not just as a group, but as a team.

An effective teamwork is achieved through good communication, coordination, complementarity (mixing individual strengths), trust, and commitment, which are often referred to as the 5 “C”s. Teamwork fosters creativity and learning, reduces stress, enhances employee performance, and consequently improves overall company productivity.

We offer a variety of activities to blend teamwork with culture, sports, and local experiences.


Mallorcan herbal liqueur workshop.

The client creates their own bottle of herbal liqueur, depending on where we organize it, the client either gathers their own herbs or we arrange for the herbs to be collected before the workshops begin.

After an explanation of the production process, the participant introduces the herbs into the bottle, followed by the corresponding liquor. Labels are provided for them to decorate according to their preferences.

At the same time, they sample the three types of liqueurs produced on the island: sweet, dry, and mixed. They can choose which liqueur they prefer and keep it for themselves.

Almond liqueur workshop.

Similar to the previous workshop, the client creates their own almond liqueur, which is typical of this island.

We provide all the materials needed to make this liqueur using one of the most characteristic products of the island, the almond.

Citrus liqueur workshop.

In this workshop, they create their own liqueur, either orange or lemon, which they can take home as a souvenir from the island.

In this case, instead of using the typical 500ml bottles, we will use different bottles to create these liqueurs, allowing us to incorporate the corresponding citrus fruit and other ingredients.

Tasting of Balearic products.


To give the client an idea of the wide variety of products we have in the islands, we offer a tasting of savory products such as “pan moreno” (dark bread), “tomates de ramallet” (local tomatoes), “galletas de Muro” (Muro cookies), Mallorcan sobrasada (spicy sausage), Mahón-Menorca cheese, “camaiot” (typical sausage), “coca de trampó” (vegetable flatbread), pastries, olives, almonds, oil, salt, etc., as well as sweet treats like “ensaimada” (coiled pastry) and almond cake.

Accompanied by flavored water such as lemon and mint or melissa and orange, Mallorcan wine, regular water, and a shot of herbal liqueur.

Ensaimada workshop.

An artisan will demonstrate how to make the ensaimada, and then each participant will make their own ensaimada.


We provide all the materials needed to make the ensaimada, including dough, rolling pin, butter, oil, and the filling options such as plain, candied pumpkin, cream, or chocolate, allowing participants to choose their preferred filling. They can take their ensaimada home with them. In the workshop, there is a tasting of Mallorcan ensaimada and almond Gató.

Almond Gató workshop.

Almond Gató is another traditional Mallorcan dessert that is still enjoyed today.


Mallorcan desserts that are still cherished, with the Almond Gató being the second most requested dessert by the island’s inhabitants. With this workshop, participants will be able to create this fabulous dessert.

We can also make orange cakes or Soller lemon cream cakes.

Mallorcan pa amb oli lunch or picnic.

Bread, olive oil, salt, “tomate de ramallet” (local tomato), garlic, “camaiot” (typical sausage), cheese, sobrasada (spicy sausage), olives, almonds, wine, and water, with plates, glasses, cutlery, all packed in a basket.


They will be explained how to prepare the traditional Mallorcan “pa amb oli” so that they can later make their own.

Gastrotapas workshop.

In this workshop, participants will cook various types of tapas, some of which will be tasted as they are being prepared.

And the remaining tapas will be served accompanied by wine, beer, soft drinks, and water.

This workshop, like the rest of the ones we offer, includes appetizers and dessert.

Paella workshop.

In this workshop, participants will cook their own paella, following the instructions of the chef. All the necessary ingredients will be provided for the preparation.

After they finish cooking, they will eat their own paella.

As in the rest of the workshops, they will have previously enjoyed a typical appetizer, accompanied by wine, soft drinks, beer, and water. For dessert, a typical Mallorcan sweet accompanied by ice cream will be served.

Wine tasting

Introduction to the world of wine, where basic notions of wine tasting are explained, including color, aroma, and flavor.


In this wine tasting workshop, we will sample 3 or 4 wines, accompanied by typical Mallorcan olive oil sweets.

Flavored oils and salts tasting workshop.

Different varieties used to produce some of the recognized oils within the D.O. Oli de Mallorca are explained, appreciating their aroma and flavor.


They are shown some types of salt produced on the island, and they are provided with enough materials to create their own salt with the combination that each participant chooses. Afterwards, they can taste the salts with brown bread, oil, and salt.

Tasting of Mallorcan sobrasada and Mahón-Menorca D.O. cheeses.

We explain the characteristics and varieties of these typical products from the Balearic Islands.


They can be accompanied with olive oil crackers or Mallorcan bread, and water.

Lunch in the vineyards.

Typical tasting or lunch in the vineyards of the Binissalem area.


Depending on the time of year, it is complemented with seasonal activities such as green pruning, grape harvesting, etc.




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